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Welcome to WARLORD

Warlord is a series of rules and comprehensive companion army list books covering ancient and medieval warfare spanning 3500BC to the 18th century and the dawn of the modern age. The series uses the same core rule system and mechanisms throughout and is comprehensive and self-contained.

Rapid manoeuvre, playability and historical authenticity are the key ideals which have underpinned the development of these rules from the very beginning. The aim to create quick moving battles on the table top, using slick, simple rule systems, giving entertaining yet challenging games.

Extra content such as optional rules, play sheets and scenarios can be found in the downloads section. For rule queries and discussion on all things Ancient and Medieval see the Warlord Forum. All the products can be purchased from Caliver Books (see and links on the products page).

Essential Features

Wargames rules that create tabletop engagements that really look and feel like battles in Past Times and give the right result.

  • Figure based as elements – no need to re-base your troops.

  • Slick simple D6 based systems – easy to use, swiftly picked up and readily recalled.

  • Alternate movement – facilitates play.

  • Command and control system – troops respond historically to the tactical situation.

  • An elegant and straight forward scheme, which replicates the fog of war.

  • Speedy move rates for fast moving games of manoeuvre.

  • Decisions not based on precise determination of losses but rather by their impact on the morale of the troops.

  • Additional explanation, examples and a full battle account included.

  • Freely accessible – cross-referenced and indexed throughout.

  • Over 90 integral example army lists; exhaustive range of troop types.

  • Fast furious action – games of 1000 points per side completed in under two hours

  • Faithfully give a historical feel and generate authentic outcomes.