Dawn of War (3500-1500 BC)
This is the first in a series of Army List Books designed to accompany Warlord I and Warlord II but suitable for use with other wargames rule systems.  The army lists have been compiled to produce balanced and representative miniature armies, covering the period from the earliest days of organised warfare to 1500 BC, when the chariot was beginning to come into its own; fascinating times in the development of armed conflict. 

We have constructed the lists so that, whatever the size of the army you field, it is representative of the potential historical armies which the nationality or ethnic group in question might have fielded.  In the case of small armies the choice available is more flexible but as the size of your army increases so it becomes more restrictive.  Naturally in compiling army lists of this kind, compromises have had to be made and the results are approximations and generalisations, especially given how little hard information is available on which to base many of them.  We have endeavoured to give an authentic flavour of the armies depicted rather than a precise representation of actual historical forces, which in any case are largely unknown for the period covered by this book.  In preference to compiling relatively few army lists, each incorporating a wide range of variations and options, we have chosen to produce a larger number of more specific lists with a somewhat narrower range of options.  That ensures greater authenticity and makes the lists easier to use.