Warlord I - 3500 BC to 1100 AD

The first set of rules to create a wargame that really looks like a battle in ancient times. Using an innovative system of command and control and the concept of unit attrition to combine the effects of casualties and morale from shooting and melee, a simple set of rules, which at last encourages the strategy and tactics used in ancient times. The stubbornness of the Roman legions and power of heavily armed cavalry are faithfully recreated along with the ferocious but fickle nature of tribal troops. Play well and you will see the enemies battle line collapse rapidly and completely, play poorly you will struggle to control your divisions and they will be defeated in detail.

The command and control system adds unique dimensions to competition and points based games. Points can now be spent on the quality of commanders and the number of divisions fielded (typically 2-3). With better quality generals and more divisions you have more tactical flexibility but you can afford fewer troops.

  • Figure based as elements – no need to re-base your troops.

  • Alternate movement – facilitates play.

  • Command and control system, which replicates the fog of war.

  • Slick simple D6 based systems – easy to use, swiftly picked up and readily recalled.

  • Freely accessible – cross- referenced and indexed throughout.

  • Broken down into core rules and additional explanation.

  • Integral example army lists; exhaustive range of troop types.

  • Fast furious action – games of 1000 points per side completed in 90 minutes.

  • Faithfully gives a historical feel and generates authentic outcomes.

  • Example battle – Magnesia re-fought, includes scenario and orders of battle.