Warlord II – 1000AD to 1765 AD

Building on our success with Warlord 1, we have crafted this rulebook to extend the period of warfare you can re-enact on the miniature battlefield using the Warlord system, right up to the dawn of the modern age in the second half of the eighteenth century. We have retained and carefully adapted the same simple rule mechanisms while maintaining our focus on historical authenticity, to rules covering all aspects of warfare in the open field from 1000-1765AD (from before the Norman Conquest to the aftermath of the Seven Years' War!). They are comprehensive and self-contained and designed to recreate historically based battlefield action as a fast moving and exciting game of skill on the table-top.

  • Play Warlord 1 play Warlord 11 - same systems, same rule mechanisms, same fun to play.

  • Special rules for gunpowder weapons and the tactics of the Gunpowder Era.

  • Figures based as standard elements - easy to use and no need to rebase your troops.

  • Simple slick D6 based systems - straight forward, swiftly picked up and readily recalled.

  • Alternate movement and rapid manoeuvre - fast furious action, complete a game in 90 minutes.

  • The challenges of command and the fog of war - recreated by the elegant command control system.

  • More than 90 example army lists - cover the range of historical troop types.

  • Numerous examples and diagrams plus a full battle account - Coutras re-fought.

  • Readily accessible- cross-referenced and indexed throughout and summary Glossary provided.

  • Integral playsheet - start playing right away.

  • Faithful historical feel - you're right there in the thick of the action from the outset.